Friendly reminder that when Oliver Queen let out a little laugh and took a deep breath to contain himself so he wouldn’t spill his guts to Felicity right that second, he already knew he was in love with her.

It also happened to be right after she  said “I finally have a guy who’s interested in me…”

It took a lot of effort on his part not to tell her right there that she was wrong. That he loves her.

Exactly, that’s why he was having to control himself. It took all he could do to not blurt out “You have always had a guy who is interested in you.”

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oliver & felicity | you and i [3x01]

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When the producers say they want to “pay off” the Olicity they set up, I hope that they know that in my eyes it’s not payoff unless Olicity eventually get married, have beautiful babies, grow old together, and generally live happily ever after………..



I’m not sure they know what they’ve essentially promised me… :)


LMAO!  How true is this? Be warned thecwarrow. Be warned.  ;)

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Twitter Conversation between David Ramsey & Stephen Amell

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enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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“Felicity - Am I Oliver’s crush object or do I have my own identity outside of that. Do I exist outside the lair?”

-Mark Guggenheim on Felicity’s “Identity” arc for this year. 

A couple of things: 

1. I’m pretty sure Felicity isn’t asking these questions so much as he audience has been asking them. 

2. I’m glad they are going to be addressing this, and it’s super important/great for Felicity on her own and Olicity as a couple that they are. (more under the cut because this got long)

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You can say boyfriend.

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Pushing him away & begging him to come back

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Emotions are supposed to be raw, ugly, brutal…you don’t want someone to “sorta” love you. You want that love to be a bursting flame, not a candle.
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“We say some pretty important stuff in the premiere where if Oliver were to have a fling it would undermine a lot of that.”

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arrow meme - seven outfits [3/7]

→ oliver queen in ‘the scientist’

It’s SDCC weekend and this pops up on my dash again? FUCK YEAH!


Stephen Amell should wear suits, three piece suits, suspenders, bowties, to whit, the entire range of male formal wear for all of time. Seriously.

Always always always.

Got to reblog

Always sinceriously reblog. This is very pivotable

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Kat and Ian in their own little bubble while the rest of cast are being interviewed

chairdelenazade okay, not gonna lie all of SDCC i didn’t care about these two being all up on each other, but this is effing adorable. like…..really cute. they are…i just can’t even. they are too cute. 

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